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You will have noticed the following statement on the brochure for your upcoming tour:

International touring can involve a considerable amount of walking and stair climbing in the places visited and it is important that all tour participants have a level of physical fitness that allows them to take part in this activity without the need of assistance from others.

Our experience indicates that a moderate level of fitness is required so that tour members are adequately able to take part and enjoy the tour and not cause delays to the tour programme which can reduce the enjoyment of other tour members.

All tour members must be able to meet the following minimum fitness requirements:

  • Be able to look after themselves while on tour without the assistance of others.
  • Be able to walk two km on the flat comfortably in approx. 45 minutes.
  • Be able to climb a flight of stairs comfortably and unaided.
  • Be able to carry you own hand luggage.

The minimum requirements for participation in the tour have been established with your best interests in mind and in consideration of your fellow passengers. Please be aware that the Tour Manager may restrict or discontinue your participation in the tour if it is deemed that:

  • Your general health and/or your level of fitness does not meet the minimum requirements.
  • You significantly delay or inconvenience your fellow passengers.

If the Tour Manager decides to restrict or discontinue your participation in the tour, Travelrite International Pty Ltd will assist with alternative touring arrangements or your onward travel. You will incur the additional costs associated with this and there will be no refund for the section/s of the tour that you do not complete. Please acknowledge that you meet the minimum requirements for participation for the tour by completing the form below. Participation on the tour is dependent on the acceptance of the above tour conditions.

Further information is available from Travelrite International toll free on 1800 630 343.


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I/we, having booked on a Travelrite Escorted Tour acknowledge that I/we meet the minimum requirements for participation for the tour as detailed above and acknowledge agreement with the participation rules as outlined above.


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