Courtney Abblitt’s Japan Trip

My Trip to Japan by Courtney Abblitt

I have just returned from an amazing trip to Japan. It was my first time to this beautiful country and it will not be my last! I loved learning about the culture and learning to say a few words, which the locals love, but they love speaking English to us even more.

Walking around and seeing the green gardens, the mountains, and all the different scenery was magical. I felt very safe everywhere we traveled. The Japanese people were so polite and very generous. With all that has happened in Japan, I was surprised how quickly everything has returned to normal and I am happy to say Japan is very safe to travel to.

Food – is oishii (delicious). Presented so delicately, so many different varieties and the portion sizes, all I can say is you will never go hungry.

Wow is all I could say about the Bullet Train. I wish we had them in Australia. Traveling comfortably for a couple of hours and then being in a new city was amazing. The train carriage was so roomy and stable that you do not even feel like you are traveling and the scenery just makes the train ride so much more enjoyable. The best way to travel in Japan!!!

Two highlights of my trip was – Shirakawa-go & Kinkakajui Temple in Kyoto

Shirakawa-go is a preserved town with original streets and old wooden houses. The way they have preserved the buildings is spectacular and beautiful.

Kinkakajui Temple in Kyoto is amazing. Again the temple is well preserved and covered with gold leaf. Amazing!! I was able to get some really great photos and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, which wasn’t enough.

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Courtney Abblitt
Travel Consultant